Study Rooms

I believe students should have quiet rooms in their school for other students to study or work in quietly. From personal experience, it’s hard for me to stay focused when I’m in a room with other people who are being really loud. I get distracted very easily and this makes it difficult to have my work done one time. I could be sitting in class on my ipad, and other people could be eating, watching their phones, or even having another conversation and I still get so distracted that I completely forget what i was doing.
I feel like with students being able to have a quiet place to think, they could get a lot more done. People will say that students who are left alone will just avoid doing their work, but for those students who really need it to concentrate, they would actually benefit from using the quiet rooms. Kids who are under stress might benefit from these rooms as well. I feel like students who are anxious and fidgety, like myself, should be offered rooms to just sit in and relax for ten minutes. I feel like it would be easier to sit quietly in a room and work on assignments.
Everyone learns things differently and that isn’t a bad thing. This just means that not everyone needs to have a quiet room to focus. Some people can sit in a room full of noise and chaos, and still be getting stuff done perfectly fine, whereas, if that were me, I would be struggling. I feel like students will benefit from study rooms because there are more people than just me who need the quiet to think.