My Experience with Part-Time Jobs

I’ve had my fair share of part-time jobs since my freshman year. My very first job was working at the local pool as a lifeguard. It was a really relaxed and easy way to get into the workforce and pick up some experience. I learned a lot from those two summers of early morning cleaning to late night closings. But then junior year I enlisted in the Army where I learned what hard work meant and what working as a team was like to achieve success.

I was put under a lot of stress and gained discipline over time. I learned a lot from my peers there with one of them being my bunkmate. He was 29 years old, Jamaican, has three kids, and was previously in the Jamaican Army when he was my age. After basic training at Fort Jackson South Carolina I went on to start my senior year and would have drill once a month with my unit for a drill paycheck and I would go on to do some small part-time jobs while I wait for my next chapter in life. I would go on to help my friend deliver flowers for the Greenhouse during Valentine’s Day weekend.

I would also start to work for DoorDash where I work my own hours and become my own boss. I enjoy having so much freedom and being able to work part time in the Army while still being able to go to school and do a secondary job. I would highly recommend doing DoorDash if you have your own car. I’m not a fan of working in the fast food industry, but that’s another good option for making money as a teen. Another would be mowing lawns and shovel snow although you’d have to create a roaster to have a flow of income it’s also a decent job. I’ll end this article on e-commerce or retailing products online and making money off your own website. Although that last option isn’t popular it can have the possibility of making a good living.