Vending Machines In School

In my honest opinion, I think vending machines should be allowed in school. Many people say that we cannot have this type of influence in our schools because most vending machines have unhealthy junk food in them, however, I feel like there is a way to get around that. There are many places around the world that have vending machines, along with multiple restaurants in their cafeterias. Granted most of these schools are colleges, what is the difference between a high school snack or a college snack? The college in Morgantown, WVU, has multiple restaurants with their own booths and tables, but our school can’t even get a decent vending machine? In my opinion, I don’t see how this is fair because we’re in the same state, but they have advantages that we don’t.
I’ve heard that because of the nutrition plan we cannot have these types of things in our school, but the food inside them does not even have to be junk food. For example, we can have nutritious, healthy snacks and maybe even flavored water or other healthy drinks. Not everything inside the machines has to be bad for us.
Additionally, I think it is also important for students to have a break in between classes. I can see where people will say that students will spend all their time at the vending machines, but students do not do that now with our water machines. Also, college students don’t stand around and group around the restaurants in college. I believe our students should have vending machines because it can influence their behavior through school and be a positive influence.