School Sports Being Pushed Back


With spring and winter sports rolling in I’ve found that many students are deciding not to participate. I was in the meeting for track this year and saw on the schedule that our last meet will be in early June. The problem with that is school will be out and many senior students will be looking for jobs or preparing for college by having a job. I’ll be leaving this summer for my military training and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the last few meets myself.
Many basketball players were telling me that their season will most likely continue into March, so they’ll probably miss a few of the first meets. It’s just hard to see students that have participated in sports for years just to give it up, because of all the Covid-19 spikes in the state pushing the timelines back. It’s going to be a bit weird for seniors who will be graduating halfway through the season to drive back to the school for practice and meets.
I’m glad that the schools are at least putting in an effort to have sports since many students rely on sports to make them look good for college scholarships. It even seems like many juniors are discouraged to play because of the setback, but we’ll only see in time how much COVID has affected turnout rates. With spring sports running into the summer it’ll be interesting to see how many seniors will show up.