How to Have Fun On a Snow Day

Are you staying home from school because of Mother Nature’s snow storms? If that’s the case, there are so many things to do other than just lay in bed all day-even though that can be pretty nice sometimes. The weather may not always be safe enough for travelling, so when the roads look bad or seem dangerous, don’t risk it and just make sure to stay home. After I finish any missing work, I like to stay inside, change into leggings and a bigger t-shirt and lay under a blanket watching a movie.
When my nephews come up, however, they always want to play in the snow and make snowmen, snow angels, igloos, and whatever they can picture in their heads and I like to help them. You can make your own fun when you have a snow day and the options are limitless. Another thing I like to do when we have a snow day is pull each other on sleds with four wheelers. Some people aren’t as excited about this certain activity as I am but that’s okay because that’s how I make my fun and other people can make their own fun in their own way as well. The last thing I always did on snow days was snowboarding down our hills. I always thought I would be able to master this sport, but I never could and I still cannot today.
The options of activities to do on snow days are honestly unending. My favorite memory of snow days are when we came inside after being out for so long and my mom would have hot chocolate waiting for us once we got out of our suits. Regardless of what you have planned for the day, just be sure it is safe and fun for everyone!