How Food Affects your Mood

Food is a giant thing that can affect your moods. When people are hungry or full people might be in a certain mood. It can make you happy or sad depending on the situation. These ways are how food can affect your whole mood.
If you are hungry you might be super mad. People usually call this being hangry. Being hangry is never fun. You sometimes see yourself being mean to people you don’t want to be just because you’re hungry. As soon as you eat you are instantly in a better mood and feel better. Eating is important because you can’t survive without food.
Sometimes if you eat too much though, you can feel sick and upset. You will feel bloated, and usually you get tired. It is never good to overfill yourself with food. It could make you sick enough to throw up. Eating a certain amount of food that doesn’t make you too full is a good idea. If you do that you won’t feel as sick, because you didn’t eat as much.
In conclusion, food has an effect on your mood. It can make you sick, mad or super happy. Their option is being happy, because it means you have eaten enough food to make you feel better.