What Should Kids Be Learning in School?

What is school like for you now or what was it like when you were in school? There is a large difference of what school was like in the 80’s versus now. I am one to believe that everything learned in school has a purpose somehow, even if it’s about President JFK or if it’s how to solve a trinomial. Although I believe this I feel as there are alternatives that are more useful and that kids actually could use later in their life. In the 80’s there were many activities that took place in school which were classes that could be taken. Some weren’t optional; they were required in order to pass or graduate. The class called “Home Economics” this class taught skills such as sewing, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, first aid, financial skills etc. Many individuals that took this class and or went through it are skilled with these topics and knew what was going to happen in their life ahead of them.
Going into their college life or they’re later life involving a family they already knew what was needed or required as you say. Us teenagers or kids know what is in the life ahead, but we don’t know how to face it. We have an idea or theory of what is planning on happening ahead, but it’s not accurate. I think that the “Home Economics” class should be required again and brought back. The school offers a class called “Life Management” which has some skills that were taught earlier in time, but it’s not required it is just an elective. With it being an elective individual students aren’t required to take it.
I believe that it shouldn’t be an option. These are life skills that we should be learning to prepare us for the years ahead of us. What’s going to happen later in life when kids of this generation need to learn how to write checks and they don’t know how. The banker is most likely not going to teach them, because they are expected to know it already. There are gonna be moments in time when you’ll have to cook for many people, but we don’t know the portion size.
In conclusion I believe that these topics and subjects should be taught in the school to see.