Pet Peeves

pet peeve
something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

The Top Five Most Common Pet Peeves
People with obnoxious laughs
People using your belongings
Dishes in the sink
The juice is finished
Clicking the pen

Have you ever been in a conversation where there is always that one person that laughs at everything? And their laugh gets so loud and it literally makes your head hurt. There are people that think that when people laugh in a certain way over and over again that it is super annoying. I personally have that pet peeve of people with obnoxious laughs and a lot of others do as well.

During class have you ever been working on homework and there’s that person that asks to use your pencil. Then when you give it to them they don’t give it back or ruin it. Then you tell them to not ask for your stuff again. Then there is that one kid who asks every day to borrow your stuff and it makes you so irritated and makes you want to ask them “why don’t you bring your own stuff” but you can because it’s rude. I have this pet peeve as well.

Do you ever get off the bus after school and you want to go inside and get a snack and watch tv but then you realize there are dishes in the sink. There could just be a fork in there but it makes you so mad and you have to either clean it yourself or stick it in the dishwasher. Have you ever gone to someone’s house and you look at their dishes in the sink and you want them to be done so badly. Some people want to wash them and put them away so they don’t just sit there.

Have you ever opened the fridge and you are headed to get a glass of juice but there is barely a sip left in the bottle. That irritates me so badly. You can just finish the last sip of it and throw it away instead of leaving it in there for other people to get mad. It’s very simple for people to just finish the juice and throw it away instead of leaving a little bit for someone to not be able to drink it and throw it away.

Do you ever sit in class and there is always that one person that clicks their pen over and over again. Kids in the class get distracted and look over because it is bothering them. The clicking just bugs people because it’s constant and irritating. The person clicking the pen may not realize it but it makes the worst noise when you’re trying to do work in class and focus.