Should Schools Provide Home Economics Classes?

In modern society many young adults and teenagers find themselves struggling to overcome basic obstacles in the world such as paying taxes, maintaining their finances, or even something as simple as cooking. This causes these young adults to face more stress along with the new stress already added by them going to college or becoming independent. A home economics class could allow these struggling people to gain a foothold on basic knowledge before they even face real-life, and would help any student have a much better chance at succeeding in life.

Home Economics is a general life-knowledge class that teaches students subjects anywhere from preparing meals, opening a bank account, basic personal health, or even just chores to keep a house in working order. While these skills may seem trivial to some, especially adults, many of even the smartest students aren’t given the chance to learn these things until they have to when they grow older. Without having a job it is difficult to learn about personal finance, without knowing how to grocery shop or prepare food students who otherwise never have will waste money and time, and there are many more useful life skills that any student could use within their life. Having a home economics available to students would add many more skills and knowledge into their lives than one might think, and would help them not only be a better, more-productive member of society, but would allow them to live easier and happier lives. There is little reason for a home economics class to not be in a school other than budget and staffing restraints. Much like a driver’s education class, it allows students to know more about an aspect of life to be more prepared and safe before they have to learn it.