Outside Schooling

Has anyone ever considered classes being split up? I think it might be beneficial for some students to report two days a week and the other half, attend the other two days. I believe schools could cooperate with the students to be in class and be safe at the same time. Most stores you see now have a limit on them that pertains to how many customers the foundation may have in it. Our school does consist of many students, however, I believe if we set a limit to the number of students and kept a safe distance from everyone, then I believe we could make it work. I don’t mean everyone could go the same days, I think we could separate days throughout the week that only freshmen and sophomores go, and then alternate with the juniors and seniors.

I can see there being issues with not hearing the teacher, or the weather may not cooperate, but things can be done to improve with these problems. Teachers could get supplied with microphones, or we could even do the online part at school so we could hear everyone. I just feel like without students physically being in school, they aren’t learning as well as they would in person. I, myself, am struggling because I am a visual and hands on learner. The teachers would be available to help the students if they were struggling, however, a deep cleaning will have to be done with the areas in the school the students do travel through. There could also be a new way of grading or a way to sanitize papers. If everything would be laminated, it might make it easier to clean or there could be a dropbox for the students to turn in paperwork. Laminating every paper could be too difficult to do, however, in my opinion, I just feel like it would make it a lot easier on the students, parents and teachers if we were all presently in school.