Quarantine: I’m Over It

Since Covid has started America has been on “lockdown” for almost nine months now. This has been the most miserable year for a lot of people, and we can’t take it anymore. All of these rules and regulations are a lot to keep up with. People are done and over with the whole situation and just want everything to go back to normal so we can go on with our lives the way we used to before all of the COVID stuff happened.
COVID-19 has taken a toll on a lot of student athletes as they are going to school wanting to play sports and either not being able to or there are a lot of rules they have to follow to be able to play and have a season. Not only have the kids taken a toll, but the adults with jobs in the beginning of the situation and maybe even now do not have jobs. It is killing their families not being able to do some of the things that they might have been used to doing. I think something needs to happen soon before our country starts to fall apart, turn awful and be at civil with one another. Everyone is sick and tired of COVID, and just wants it to go away. We can all say that by the new year we want all of this to go away. It has taken a toll on everyone mentally for sure, but people still don’t follow the guidelines, and that has been more than likely one of the main reasons why this thing isn’t gone yet.