Pros & Cons of Virtual School

Online schooling has both positive and negative effects on people. I think the work is easier online because there is not much to do, however, I feel like it is harder to learn when everything is online. I think more students will say they learn better when they are in class presently rather than being behind a screen. Online schooling does help with the COVID going on, however I believe it makes it more difficult for students to retain any information.
The good things about being in school online could include: not seeing anyone in person, not getting up as early, or the fact that we only have to join four classes a day. Many students like doing online school simply because there isn’t as much work. In my opinion, online schooling is not good for the students or teachers. I think when we have school in person I remember more because the way I learn is hands-on, and I find it difficult when the teacher is not physically in front of me giving me a lecture.
In addition, some days, online school starts in the mornings and other days they start in the afternoon. When the meetings are in the mornings, I’ll admit that I wake up five minutes before the call and, if I’m lucky, I don’t fall back asleep waiting on the other ones. The reason for including that is because I don’t remember what we talk about after I fall back asleep and I feel like a lot of the students at our school are like that. Being on the ipads all day can lead to eye strain and that could negatively affect your health and well-being. All in all, online schooling has both its pros and cons, however, we have to follow protocol in order to be safe.