Why Backpacks are Better than Lockers

Many debate on whether or not having a locker is good or pointless. I think having a locker is pointless and that students do not truly need them. If you have a locker it is a waste of time. It takes some time to get your books and things you need out of your locker and this could make you late to class. Another reason why they are pointless and backpacks are better is, because if you have a good sturdy backpack it can hold all your books. Now you won’t have to go to your locker between classes.
First, it takes time to get the stuff you need out of your locker. If you are stuck getting stuff out of your locker it could make you late to class. When you are late to class there is a possibility that your teachers might end up giving you detention. No one wants detention because obviously it sucks. If you did not have to get your books out of your locker between classes, you would not have had this problem.
Finally, if you have a good backpack it can hold everything. You won’t have to stop to get stuff, and everything will be with you the whole day. This also means if you need to you will have your stuff from other classes. If you get a down moment where you have nothing to do, you can work on that stuff from another class. You can get ahead of the game, so you won’t have to worry about being behind.
In conclusion, backpacks are easier to use than lockers are. If you have a backpack you won’t be late for your next class. You won’t get detention because you are not late. You also will have everything with you the whole day. This is why you should carry around a backpack with you instead of keeping it in a locker.