Why You Shouldn’t Procrastinate

Procrastinating is a very bad habit that no one should ever get into. After you start procrastinating you continue you to do it, until it ends up with a consequence. One of these consequences could be a bad grade. Another one could be losing a friend or someone important to you. These are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t procrastinate.
First, it will affect your grades tremendously. Who wants bad grades, because they had to whip together a last minute essay. If you are in this situation you should do it ahead of time, so you are not stressed about it. It can cause a lot of stress if you try to do something like this last minute. If you haven’t ever procrastinated you are on a good track, and you should keep it that way. Always keep up with your work, so you will not be in this bad situation.
Finally, you could lose friends by being a procrastinator. If you are doing or hanging out with someone and you forget about it till last minute it could make your friend upset. If you wait till the last minute you might have a chance of forgetting what you need to do for that friend. If you make your friend upset so many times, then they might decide to not want to be your friend anymore.
In conclusion, you should never start the bad habit of procrastinating. It can cause reasons for bad grades, because you put something together last minute. It can also be a reason why you are losing friends, and no one wants to lose friends because of a bad habit. These are the reasons you should never procrastinate.