Senior Spotlight

The Senior Spotlight reflects on a senior who is involved with the school and it’s programs, a good standing student and who is a role model for others. Someone who exhibits all of these aspects is Trey Cummings.

Trey is a 17 year old senior at St. Marys High School. He has been a part of many organizations and extra-curriculars including; Cross Country and Track. Two fun facts about Trey are that he’s part of Jeep Gang, and that he likes to run. In his free time, Trey enjoys playing ukulele.

In response to some questions Trey said:

What motivates you?
“Nothing motivates me more than Fat Stacks”

What do you plan to do after graduation?
“I plan to go to college for finance.”

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
“I would Invest it.”

What is the biggest lesson you learned in high school?
“I have learned not to over complicate things”

Will you miss high school after it’s over?
“I won’t miss high school, but, but I may miss my friends.”

Any Advice for the freshmen?
“Get a job ASAP!”