Freshman Fears

Many kids have fears about going into high school. I knew I definitely did. When going into a high school many things change. You might be scared about being around the older kids. The work might get harder, but there are some good things you don’t know about going to high school.
First, when you go to high school you get much more freedom. You have choices on different clubs and activities. You can choose who you want to be friends with. There are many different types of groups people choose, so you can choose the type of cliche or group you want to be in. Another thing you can choose is what elective classes you want to be in. In junior high you didn’t get much freedom at all. It is an adjustment on going to high school, but a good adjustment.
Finally, there are some bad things about high school. The work tends to get harder when you go into high school. The teachers are still understanding, but they expect you to step it up a notch so you can get ready for college. Many freshmen often get put into things last because they are not upperclassmen. There are more things to compete for like top in the class. This puts more stress on your shoulders then you have ever had before.
In conclusion, being a freshman and going to high school has some positive and negative things about it. Yet, the freedom might be awesome to have things get harder and more stressful. Freshman might also be scared of the upperclassman because they might not know them. All people are different when it comes to these thoughts, but this is just personally my experience that I had with being a freshman.