Should Schools Teach Life Skills?

In today’s society not many know basic life skills. Many people think it should be a topic in school to teach. It would help with many things, while becoming an adult. You can learn how to cook, sign a check and management skills. Everyone needs to know this when they are adults, and if your school teaches it then it will give you a foot up on adult life.
This current generation does not have any knowledge on these skills before they actually take the step into adult life. This is a bad thing because those people won’t be prepared to go out on their own. You see many more kids that live with their parents longer. They aren’t motivated to go on their own and also are not ready. If schools teach these lessons kids might be more confident in going out on their own.
The number of kids living with their parents longer than they should are going up in today’s generation. Back in the 1900’s kids were more ready to go onto their own. These kids got taught these basic skills in class. Parents in today’s generation also don’t push their children to be independent. I think that they should motivate their children more to get them out on their own.
In conclusion, basic life skills should be taught in classes today. It will get more kids out of their parents house. They will get to be more independent. They will also be more confident and not as scared for their adult life. Having these classes will hopefully motivate them more. If you are a parent, motivate your child to learn and know how to do these basic things.