My Thoughts on COVID-19

So as we all know, covid has seemed to be getting worse since thanksgiving. Even before thanksgiving it was pretty bad. I personally believe that covid isn’t something we should all hide in fear from. It’s almost the exact same as the flu but lasts longer. If you’ve noticed, most covid deaths are in older people and kids, does that sound familiar? The deaths caused by the flu are also in older people and kids. Do you remember the outbreak of an unknown flu virus we had last year? It was all the same symptoms as covid and took 1-2 weeks to recover from.
Call me crazy, but I think that the unknown strain of the flu we had last year was actually covid. It makes perfect sense. The symptoms were all the same, the duration was the same and it was easily spread. It also might tie in to politics as well. Since Biden has won the election it seems to me that cases are skyrocketing again. Many WV counties are now red and orange and more people are testing positive and having to quarantine. Many people can’t see their families because of fear of infecting them and getting them sick, even if you don’t have the virus. The virus is striking fear into many american citizens, the elderly are scared.
Children don’t understand why they can’t go play or go out to eat anymore. The only people happy about the virus are ttenagers because they want school to get cancelled so they can sleep in and not have to worry about getting to classes. They can wake up, log on, and they are set for the day. I myself wish I could go places and enjoy myself without being forced to wear a mask and social distance. It has truly ruined my senior year. I wish it could have been more memorable.