Thanksgiving is full of many traditions, the first of which is the Macy’s Thanksgiving which will not be happening this year due to COVID-19. Covid had put a lot of stress on us this year making holidays different and every day things that we do. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is supposed to be spent with family and maybe even friends.
But as long as COVID is still around that will be changed, by the family not coming in for the scare of getting the virus. Thanksgiving is going to be very different this year. Some families may not be able to see some of their relatives that they would be used to seeing on this holiday and others may not be having thanksgiving at all. There are some people who dont care at all about what is going on and they might be having a normal holiday which is good. Some of the things that we love about Thanksgiving is the cooking all day before the big dinner, going hunting if you like to do that kind of thing, watching the football game with friends and family, playing festive games.
All of the traditions that you do with your family and it could not be happening. If we stay positive through the times and make the best out of every situation we will be a lot better off.