Unusual Pets

What kind of pet do you think of when you think of an everyday household pet? Many people have household pets, but some people can have very unusual pets. Normal pets that most people have are dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, etc. That is what people think when you tell them you have a pet. To your surprise some people have very exotic or wild pets.
Some different unusual pets people have owned are monkeys, skunks, tarantulas, llamas, snakes, and lizards. It might be very surprising, but there are people out there that have these pets. You may think why would a person want any of these pets, but there could be many reasons for people wanting these certain pets. One reason might be that they are endangered. Another reason might be for the excitement of having that pet. They might be getting money for having that certain pet. It also might be a personal benefit for a person.
If you are ever thinking about getting an unusual pet think about why you want it. If you get that pet make sure it is for a good reason and not a bad one. Many people get a monkey, because it is like having an actual kid. You have to feed, teach and change the monkey. Many people also like getting lizards, snakes and tarantulas, because they are more of a low maintenance pet to take care of. Many people have llamas who own a farm and have a fence. It is like having a horse, and it takes the same care or similar as a horse would. Why would a person want a skunk? You might find a person with a pet skunk when they find an abandoned baby skunk. Another reason might be that a person comes along a very friendly skunk that doesn’t spray them, and they end up keeping it as a pet.