Scary Facts You Didn’t Want to Know


So, of all of the world’s interesting facts. There are some disturbing ones you probably don’t know and wish you didn’t.
First, when people climb Mount Everest do you know how they know where they’re at on the mountain? Well in fact they use the 200+ dead bodies as waypoints/ checkpoints for how high they’ve climbed.
Here’s another unsettling one that probably will make you never want to undergo any surgeries. People still don’t know how anesthetics work. When they put you “under” there’s no explanation for why you’re unconscious.
How about dogs? There can not be anything unsettling about dogs, they’re so cute and sweet right? Well, dogs enjoy squeaky toys because it reminds them of a small animal being killed.
We almost all had an imaginary friend when we were younger. Our parents thought it was cute until we got older and were told to “grow up, it isn’t real” but did you know that most reasons imaginary friends are created is because the child can hear voices when nobody is there.
I’m sure that a few of those definitely made you think, they made me think about what all is truly happening on the earth that we just don’t know or haven’t experienced yet.