Planning Your Next Move

Have you ever thought about what you’ve wanted to do when you grow up? Like going to a nice college or moving into a house or apartment. Well if you want to go places you have to make money. Making money won’t always be easy. You will have to get a job to make the money.

Have you thought about what you wanted to do? Have you picked out what you wanted to do for college. There are different types of sciences you can choose from. You can be a teacher or a lawyer. You could even be a doctor.

When you pick a subject in college you will probably have to take that college class for a couple years. Like doctors take up to 8-14 years of college to get a degree to be what they want to be. Some college classes can take longer than that.

College classes can sometimes be expensive. Have you thought about the books and study necessities for the class you take? You will have to pay for them. You can’t use the book without paying for it or other tools. Some of the tools for the classes are expensive. But having a job will make it a little easier.

Having a job would make a lot of things a lot easier in life. Like going to get things or go to places. Having money can buy you a new car so you can drive to your job. While you make money you have to be sure to spend it wisely so you don’t go broke. It’s important to know these things so maybe life will get easier in the meantime.