Why SMHS Should Have A Buffet

More Choices = Happier Students

You’re in the homeroom and there is just a few minutes before lunch. You get so excited because you’re starving and then you realize that you’re having a soy peanut butter sandwich. But you’re in the mood for chicken tenders and fries or pizza. What if you had the choice to eat that instead of the regular school lunch.

Have you ever been to Marietta College? They have so many cool things on campus. The thing I think that is really cool is the cafeteria. The cafeteria has a big sitting area. They have these little food areas around the room. There is a drink station, a fruit table, a cheese and cracker area, they have places where you can buy food so you can eat something different from just eating regular school food.

The school food at the Marietta College you have to pay for. But if you think about it that’s pretty good for what it’s worth. We could have food like chicken and fries, pizza, or even hibachi and chinese. The kids who wanted that lunch could pay for it and pick it up there kinda like a fast food area. It would be a lot of work to put that into our schools cafeterias but it would be so much better and I guarantee that almost all of the kids would love it and they would also be in much better moods knowing they are getting that instead of normal school lunch.