Homeschooling Pros & Cons

Many kids wish they were homeschooled, so they can stay home and sleep. But, that’s not what homeschooling is. Homeschooled students still have to wake up and complete school work each day. Do you believe that you have the work ethic to hold yourself accountable to do your work each day. There are pros and cons of being homeschooled, so before you go to your parents and ask about homeschooling, read the pros and cons.
First, some pros of homeschooling are free time, flexibility, effective learning, independence, and relationship-building with your parents. If you have a bunch of free time and are very flexible then you won’t have a strict schedule and can go at your own pace. If you are a person that loves to go at their own pace then you might like homeschooling. Independence goes hand and hand with going at your own pace. You will learn so much about independence and be able to stand on your own. The effective learning is an amazing part, because you won’t have any distraction or other kids standing in your way of learning. You will build a unique relationship with your parents. They will get to be there for every milestone in your school career.
Now, some cons of homeschooling are anxiety, cost, loneliness, and adjustment periods. Many kids might have anxiety or feel very lonely if they are homeschooled. They won’t know how to act if someone comes up to them, because they aren’t used to as much human interaction. It might be very hard for them to make friends, because they don’t see their classmates everyday like regular students do. The adjustment periods are hard at first too. Homeschooling students have to adjust to something new.
In conclusion, there are some pros and some cons to homeschooling. While deciding whether to be homeschooled make sure you take in consideration of the pros and the cons. Make sure you compare and contrast your ideas. Then you can decide if you want to take on the challenge of homeschooling.