Is there such thing as a social media addiction?

Many people are on social media daily. The many types of social media are Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Are you constantly thinking about social media, or when your next time you get on it will be? Do you use social media to forget your personal problems? Do you think you are on social media more than two hours a day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might have an addiction to social media.
Social Media is a popular way to communicate and see what your friends are up to. Some people can take it too far though. It would be an easy way to stalk someone and get more information about them. Social Media isn’t always good, especially when it comes to creepy things like stalking people. While sharing something on social media, be very careful to not give too much information about yourself.
Teenagers these days are always on their phones. Teenagers, if anyone would be the ones to have the social media addiction. They spend many hours a day talking to their friends or looking at a screen. Overusing social media can be bad in many ways though. It could give you social anxiety, because you are always hiding behind a screen.
People that overuse social media tend to get depression and many types of anxiety. Cyber-bullying happens on the daily and this causes some of this depression and anxiety. If you get bullied by someone you might have low self-esteem. You also might be scrolling through Instagram and see someone’s “perfect” life. Now you’re wanting to have a perfect life like them.
It is better to try to stay off social media. It can have many bad effects on you. There is such a thing as a social media addiction. You seem to see it more in teenagers than you do in adults. If you can stay off social media try your best to.