Relationships Then Vs. Now

A lot has changed in the world of dating in the last fifty years. Long lasting relationships are very rare nowadays. What really is a relationship today and why don’t they last as long? Relationships today seem to be more based on attraction than personality. Do people truly know what love is? Past generations have a stronger bond with their significant other than today. Divorce is much more common in today’s time then it was in say 1950. According to SMU Daily Campus 39 percent of American marriages end in divorce.
In today’s relationships a large portion of daily communication is completed via a mobile device. Whether it be SnapChat, text messaging, or Facetime, communication is becoming less and less face-to-face. Fifty years ago they didn’t have mobile phones, so they mostly communicated in person. They had the occasional phone conversation, but it was nothing like it is today. Technology has led to many pros and cons in the world of communication. Yes, you get to talk to significant others at any given moment, but that can also be suffocating. It might feel like a bit much to have a partner who can contact you at literally any given time.
The lifestyle of relationships have completely changed as well. It went from admiration, romance, and longer relationships to short-term and pure desire for one another. There isn’t much respect, and romance in relationships anymore. The growth of social media and other dating sites has brought infidelity to the forefront. You can talk to anyone on the internet at the drop of a hat. This means that if you get lonely, you can instantly chat with someone of the opposite sex. This creates a lack of trust in relationships. The outcome of today’s relationships lead to many broken homes, bad relationships and weak self-confidence. Relationships should be filled with respect and romance.
Growing up in 1950 men taught their sons on how to treat a lady. This was a big factor on why relationships used to have more respect in it. Not many fathers today teach their sons how relationships should be. If this was still taught to young men there would be less toxic relationships and more respect and love. Men were taught to open doors, give women their jackets, have manners and pull out chairs. You don’t see many men doing those things anymore.
Much has and will continue to change over the years. The more technologically advanced we become, the more it could change. Let’s try to change it for the better and not the worst. Talk to your grandparents and other older adults about their dating experiences. They might be able to teach you a thing or two. Try doing the little things when you are with your significant other. If you get to know them better you might realize that you have more respect and love going on.