Prom Preparation

Prom is an exciting time for almost every junior and senior in high school. This year, prom will be held on Saturday, April 25 from 7-10pm. It is for any junior and senior, some underclassmen go if they are invited by a junior or senior. Getting ready for prom can be stressful. You have to find the perfect dress or suit, find a person to go with and make sure you purchase your ticket in time. However, all this is worth it because prom is a lot of fun. Plus, there are several ways that can help you be prepared and make going to prom less stressful than it should be.

Start looking for a dress or suit early- When going to prom you want to find the perfect dress that fits you and your style. This can be stressful because of the time limit before prom. However, if you start looking early, for instance a couple months ahead, you are guaranteed to find the perfect dress in the right amount of time.

Ask the person you go with in advance- Finding somebody to go to prom with you can be the hardest part about going to prom. Most people take a date like their boyfriend or girlfriend or some people just go with friends. Making sure that the person you want to go with will go can help take a lot of stress off of preparing for prom. You can ask by making a poster or just simply asking if they want to go to prom.

Make sure to have that night off- Most juniors and seniors in high school have a job or just have busy lives in general. When it comes to prom, it takes a lot of preparation. This is hair and makeup, pictures, going out to dinner, etc. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have the whole day off so that you can start early in the day. Prom takes a lot of preparation and will need the help of several people also.