Saving Money as a Student

Most college students struggle with money saving. The average percent of students dropping out of college due to finances is 51 percent. According to The Street, money saving in college offers some huge benefits. Examples of why saving money in college gives you benefits are that it helps to increase some much-needed financial savings for you as a college student to afford the lifestyle that is needed to succeed. Another benefit is that whilst saving money while you are in college, you are building a good foundation for good personal financial habits. Here are some ways of saving while in college:
Take Advantage of college student discounts: some retailers like Apple, Dell and Microsoft offer student only pricings.
Don’t be talked into getting a credit card, even with a low limit. It is so easy to fall into a cycle of overuse of credit. People say that you have to get a credit card to buy a house one day, but do your research\; that may not be the case.
Don’t buy a car or bring one to campus: most campuses have bus transportation or get a bike. Car cost can quickly diminish your money, with things like gas, parking, maintenance, repairs, and if you get a parking ticket that will also cost money.
Pay your bills on time: this will save you from fees and penalties. This will also build your credit, which will help you in the long run and it makes it easier to get loans..
Coffee: Most college students drink coffee, especially from Starbucks. So instead spending almost $4 on a latte at Starbucks, try a cheaper alternative. A $4 latte will cost you $750 annually.

Saving money can benefit not you but your friends too. If you have extra money saved up you could spend it on your friends or on yourself. There are several plans that can allow you to do this. Choosing which one fits you best is the first step.