Pizza Royale: Battle in the MOV

Everyone loves pizza but there are so many options. A few pizza places around us are Dominos, The Station, Pizza Hut and The Pizza Place. But which one is the best? Pizza can be so different and every place has their own twist on pizza. Here are some reasons why you should go to one more than the others.

Dominos- Dominos is a classic and has so many different options rather than just pizza. Also, their large pizzas are only $7.99 all day everyday. You can feed a whole family under $20! But you can’t sit down and eat, so if you’re looking for a place to go out too, Dominos is not it.

The Station- The Station is a sit-down pizza place in Saint Marys. The Station has been around for over 35 years, so it’s not the most modern choice. My favorite thing are the cheese sticks. They have homemade sauce which can be very hit or miss in my opinion. It’s a very homey feeling restaurant and everyone knows everyone there. The Station is more expensive than Dominos and they don’t take credit or debit.

Pizza Hut- Pizza Hut is also a classic and has a variety of options. Pizza Hut is a sit down restaurant that also has a salad bar. However, Pizza Hut always seems very dark to me. Also, if you’re with a group bigger than 4 I feel as if the service is very slow and It seems to take awhile to get your pizza. Pizza Hut is also not the cheapest option. However, the Pizza is great.

The Pizza Place- The Pizza Place has a variety of pizza options but not much else. They deep dish or thick pizza and a thinner version which is just a regular slice of pizza. Their pizza is very good, but greasy. Also, if you’re hungry go to The Pizza Place, their slices are much bigger than the competitors. The Pizza Place is a nice place to go to sit down to eat, but only if you really just want pizza.

So, to say which one is the best is a hard choice. They’re all very different but I believe that the place you get more for your money is The Pizza Place. They give you a good amount of pizza and it’s not hard to finish for it being so good. The Pizza Place does have it’s cons but I believe you get the best experience from a place like theirs. I would say Dominos would be second, although you cannot go out to eat, it’s nice to have that option of getting something that you didn’t have to make but still eat at home. The Station comes in third. The restaurant itself is not bad but they only take cash and checks which isn’t very cohesive with today’s time. They still have great options and it’s a nice place to go to get out of the house but still be close to home. Pizza Hut is sadly, last. Pizza Hut’s pizza and restaurant just aren’t that great, and I would keep it as a last resort for pizza.