What To Do On Snow Days

Snow days are the days that school is not in session due to excess snowfall. When a snow day comes around it can seem like there’s nothing to do, but the possibilities are endless. Here are ten things to do on snow days.

Go sledding
Who doesn’t love sledding? Bundle up and find the biggest hill you can.
Catch up on sleep
School may have you super tired. Get some sleep and be rested for the day you go back.
Catch up on homework
Didn’t get your homework assignment that was due today, done? That’s OK because now you have a whole other day to finish.
See your friends
If the roads are clear enough, and it’s safe to drive, go see your friends and spend time with them outside of school.
Deep clean your house/room
Clean space means clean mind. Nows a better time than any\; clean your room!
Binge watch netflix
There’s no better feeling than being cuddled up under a blanket watching Netflix. Watch a whole season of your favorite show, there’s no shame today.
Bake a cake
How often do you eat cake? I’d say not that often. Bake a cake of your own and eat some!
Build something
How rewarding is it to build something useful, and actually use it. Build something and marvel at its beauty.
Search for scholarships
Use your free time during a snow day to make money for college.
Spend time with family
If you’re like me, you rarely have time for family anymore with school, extracurriculars, and homework. A snow day is the perfect time to go spend quality time with your family.