Snow Packets

Snow Packets are back at SMHS. The Snow Packets will make up lost instruction time from the 2019-2020 calendar. So far, we haven’t needed them this year, but soon we may with this snow coming up. The plan of the school is to have five days where no school is forgiven, and so far this year we have used one day due to a day with no electricity in the fall. After these five days are up, we then have five days of no school where Snow Packets will be required to be completed. The schedule for these packets goes as follows: Day 1 and Day 3 will be both English and History, Day 2 and Day 4 will be Math and Science, and Day 5 will be on all core subjects. For all students who forgot this schedule or don’t remember which subjects to do, there will be an automated text message sent out to everyone signed up for the weather reports for the school.