Budgeting: Christmas Gifts

As someone who loves shopping and buying gifts for ALL of my loved ones, I know how hard it is to budget during Christmas. Here are some tips and tricks to help save this holiday season.

Sell things you don’t use/need anymore to get some extra cash.
Just because you don’t want it, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t need it.

Do odd jobs in your neighborhood or community.
Most people will pay, and if not, you get some community service hours.

Save your money, no matter how much you want to spend it.
Don’t go out to eat, cook an at-home meal. Do you really need that pop from the gas station?

Set a strict price for each person.
You want to do this to be fair when giving gifts. This also helps you ensure you have enough money when you go to shop.

Look at the cheaper stores.
5 and Below, TjMaxx, Platos and Goodwill. A thrift is just as good a gift as a brand new one. You can also add personal twists to objects from Tjmaxx and Goodwill, and not worry about ruining a $50 peice.

Don’t think that the most expensive means the best.
Many things come in knock-offs. The same product, that works just the same way, for half the price. Look for this to save yourself some money.

Think about who you’re giving gifts to.
Honestly, think “can I just give this person a hug for Christmas.” Not everyone needs a gift. The people you talk to daily, maybe, but the person you pass in the hallway and say a quick “Hi,” does not.