Can Cellphones Be Educational Tools?

Cell phones are everywhere. Almost everyone has one, no matter their age. Children, now, are very tech-savvy because they start to use technology at a young age. But are cellphones ruining kids?

Many parents believe the constant use of cellphones are ruining their child’s brain and social skills. However, cellphones are such a great learning tool, if they’re used correctly. I believe that there are right and wrong ways of using a cellphone. But I believe children at a young age should be taught what to get on and what not too. For example\; YouTube can be a great learning tool, unless your child is watching something they shouldn’t.

Technology will continue to advance and I believe we all need to advance with it. Children are already doing this, and becoming more tech-savvy than their parents. I believe that using cellphones everyday is a good thing, because we may learn something new about our phones that we didn’t know before, and we will continue to grow.

Cellphones can be used for so many things, many people call them ‘little hand held computers,” and this is true. We can do almost anything on our phones that we can do on a computer. So, if having computers in school with restrictions is okay, what’s wrong with a cellphone or tablet? Upgrading technology and allowing kids to learn new things with some of the newest technology will get us ready for the future. If we go out into a world run by technology, that we know nothing about, it will set us behind all that have gotten to experience this. Am I saying that we should? No, but we could.

Cellphones still have a lot of problems, and you cannot censor everything. However, I think cellphones can be educational and that schools should start out with something a little more mangable, such as personal laptops and computers, but they should not stop there. School should continue to grow just as fast as technology. Some children or students may find a new hobby or interest through these different varieties of computers and technology. However, I do believe, as with everything else, there should be some boundaries and having such technology is a privilege and not a right in schools.