How Social Media Can Lead to Cyber-bullying

How does social media lead to cyberbullying? This is a question not many people understand. What they don’t understand is that the words some millennials say online, affects the receiver of the words or message. Social media has been the source of teen suicide and depression. Not many people know that what you say online does make a change. It is a platform giving permission to teens to victimize each other.

With the time millennials spend on social platforms today, it is making the effect worse. Suicide is something that is greatly affecting families around the world, people are given the idea that they aren’t good enough and don’t need to be here all through social media. This especially affects young women. Women of this day in age would rather insult another woman about her weight rather than support her for being brave enough to embrace it.

Many people believe that cyberbullying is getting better when in reality it is getting worse. People all across the world are bullying other people because they “aren’t as pretty.” Why has the world come to this? You may ask. Social media has been a way for girls to post what they feel confident in, now it’s a way for people to sit back and make fun of other people and feel good about themselves because they don’t have to say it face to face.

To some people, social media should be cut off and filter comments that go through to other people. Today school around the world should go over the importance of bullying and how it can really affect other students.