Is Daylight Savings Time Beneficial?

Is Daylight Savings Time beneficial? This has been a long awaited question. Daylight Savings began on Sunday, March 10 and will end on Sunday, Nov. 3. Here are some pros and cons.

Pro, longer evenings. This time change causes the sun to rise and set at a later time in the day. When the time jumps forward we are getting an hour of extra daylight time. It is proven the longer evenings help to motivate people to get out of the house in the later hours of the day, this extra hour is often used for outdoor recreation. Also, the tourism industry profits more due to brighter evenings and longer nights for people to tour different sights before nightfall.

Con, some people say that this day in age people don’t care if the sun has gone down or not because a lot of this world’s population stays inside on their phones.

Pro, one of the major factors in daylight savings time is to make sure the world’s population doesn’t have to get their physical exercise under artificial light but with DST they don’t have to worry about it.

Con, DST can actually make people sick. It disrupts the body clock and circadian rhythm. Pro, it is proven that DST can contribute to improved roads but reducing pedestrian fatalities during dawn and dusk.

Here are some other reasons why DST is beneficial. You’ll be happier, more exercise, you’ll get outside more, you’ll get an economic boost, you’ll sleep better, safer roads, less likely to be victimized, you’ll be safer. DST in some cases can be beneficial but in other cases it can affect you mentally and physically. This debate is long lasting and probably won’t ever have an end but people have their own opinions. In all reality who would be mad about getting an extra hour of sleep and getting an extra hour of exercise.