2019 Powderpuff Game

The junior coaches show the girls a play to use.

To kick off this years’ homecoming week, the junior and senior girls competed in a powderpuff game. The game was held on Monday, Oct. 21 from 2:00 to 3:30 at the SMHS football field. The game was announced by Mr. Lancaster and Mr. Simonton who kept the audience updated and laughing. The girls from both teams prepared well for the tough game. Both teams were coached by football players from their class. The girls learned plays, strategies, and more tips on playing football. As the game kicked off, the juniors set the game for the day with the first touchdown. The seniors were not far behind with another touchdown causing it to be a close game for the most part. The juniors focused back into the game and won with a score of 30-18 at the end of the second half.