Best Haunted Houses and Trails this Halloween

The Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is one of the biggest haunted asylums in West Virginia. It is located in Weston West Virginia.The asylum is 160 years old and holds so many stories of Civil war raids, and hallucinations of the people that were in the asylum and what they thought they were going through. The haunted building that they do during the “Spooky Season” is one of WV best haunted houses. People from all over come and walk through the haunted asylum, and they continuously keep coming back every year because of how well they are doing. When you go through you get to see a lot of what it was like when the people lived in the asylum and what they had to go through while they were in there.
Fright Farm is another haunted trail, hayride, Slaughter ground, and frightmare mansion. Fright Farm is now having their 30th season of scarer. For 30 spooky seasons Fright Farm has been holding this event, for people all over to come and see. Fright Farm is in Smithfield PA, and is one of PA’s top haunted houses, trails and more. Fright Farm not only has the haunted mansion, but it has the hayride, and the trail, but it has a Slaughter ground which not very many places have.
The West Virginia Penitentiary is a very realistic event. Over 10,000 people each year come and tour the haunted penitentiary to give them a good scare. There are many different things you can do, such as, Zombie Paintball, The North walk, Dungeon of horrors, Halloween Bash, kids night, and family night. There are options for everyone to go and see. It’s not just all scary for when the little kids want to go but can’t because it’s scary for them.