Looking Forward to Softball Season

Some people think that softball is just a hit and run kind of sport. Not exactly, you actually have to be coordinated and focused on what you are doing and when you need to do it. It’s not just a physical game but mental just as well. You have to be able to know what to do with the ball if it is hit to you, and you also have to know what to do if the ball doesn’t come to you, and how to back someone up from their position if need be. Softball practices consist, on basically fielding the whole time and batting here and there.
When the season starts it normally takes us a couple games to get into a winning streak. Middle of the season comes and a lot of the girls are worn out and just want it to end, but they stick it out and play the rest of the season. It’s always fun being able to play the sport you love with some of your best friends. Away games are the best with our team. Karaoke in the back of the bus, jamming out to some of our favorite songs to get us in the mood to play our game. Our team is very talented, we just sometimes have people where they shouldn’t be and then it makes it hard for some people to play the game, when some of the girls are not in the positions they should be to help us the most.
Indoor practices are my least favorite, normally all we do is hit in the batting cage and field in the gym, and we will occasionally play dodgeball and that is the most interesting thing we do during that time. Overall the season goes very well, most all of the girls like each other which helps a lot with our mental state.