Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Simonton


Kyra Parker

Mr. Simonton talking about the battle for ratification.

Mr. Simonton started teaching here as a substitute last year for Mr. Minger. He is now a full time teacher and has taken Mr. Minger’s position in the history department. He primarily teaches sophomores and juniors. Here are three interesting facts about Mr. Simonton: he grew up in St. Marys, he thinks Batman is the greatest superhero of all time and he’s getting married on Dec. 21.

After asking Mr. Simonton a few questions here’s his responses.
What’s your favorite thing about teaching?
“Coming to work and actually enjoying what I’m doing for the first time. I like history. I like talking with my students. It’s all great.”

What made you want to start teaching history?
“It was my favorite subject in school. It’s interesting to me, because these things happened years ago and it still affects our lives today.”

What do you love about teaching?
“The students! Being able to make a connection with them while also teaching them new things is by far my favorite.”

Was there any other profession. Other than teaching that you were interested in?
“I always wanted to be a movie director. I still think I could be, ‘watch out Hollywood’!”