Post Homecoming Ideas

Homecoming is a night that many high schoolers will never forget, for bad or good reasons. But what about after? Instead of smoking, drinking or doing something that risk yourselves and others, why not try making the night even more memorable by doing one of these few ideas.
You can go out to eat, I suggest this idea if you didn’t go out to eat before hand. Even then, who doesn’t want to get filled back up after a three hour dance? Go out to fast food and grub, or go out to a restaurant and eat like a queen/king. Nobody will judge.
How about playing some video games with friends? You can talk about the entire night and how much you enjoyed/didn’t enjoy it, and all while you play some video games (whatever you like). If you do decide to party, why not do some fun party games? For example, Karaoke. You can’t go wrong with singing your heart out and having a good time with friends. Pick your favorite song and enjoy the night as you should.
Also, try camping after homecoming. How great would that feel to loosen your heels/dress shoes and sit around a nice fire? You can enjoy the night for what it is, but also relax because you just danced for four hours. Homecoming is a night full of memories, make more afterwards but don’t put your well being in jeopardy. Make the night just as memorable as the dance, don’t try to forget it. There’s alternatives, be smart about it and have an amazing night.