Top German Bands

If you were ever interested in german artists and you want to listen to some, here are the top five German artists. Of course this is just an opinion and these five are not for everybody.

5. “Kontra K”
Kontra K is the best german rapper in my opinion. He has some very motivational lyrics.
Famous songs are “Fame” or “Ikarus”

4. “Die Toten Hosen”
For everybody who likes Rock songs and who wants to hear something new should listen to this band. Famous songs are “An Tagen wie diesen” or
“Altes Fieber”

3. “Trailerpark”
The band with some senseless lyrics is Trailerpark. Really vulgar lyrics, fast beats
and still they are a really cool band with some nice songs, for example “Fledermausland”
Or “Bleib in der Schule.”

2. “Sido”
Sido is a german cult rapper and also one he’s been a rapper for a long time. He has nearly everything from normal german rap to pop songs. Famous songs are for example “Astronaut (feat. Andreas Bourani) or “tausend Tattoos”

1. ”Rammstein”
Rammstein is probably the best known band world wide from Germany. They went on
Several tours through europe. They are a punk rock and metal band with their own
sound. I think Rammstein is the best german band and definitely number 1 in this list.
Famous songs are for example “Mein Herz brennt” or “Deutschland”.

These are the best german musicians in my opinion, down here you get some artists which aren’t in the top five, but they are still very good: “Apache 207”, “Die Arzte”, “Dame”, “Kreator”, “Scorpions”, “Bushido”, “RAF Camora”