Why is Reading a Dying Passtime?

Reading, most people in our generation don’t read anymore. You find a rare group of people who are still reading big novels like “The Hunger Games” or “Harry Potter”. Most of us know the movies, but why is reading continuing to die?
There’s an easy explanation. Movies and Games take over the entertainment industry. You get to picture your characters, and it’s easier to understand the story, to understand the characters and the action, romance, or the jokes in movies are way better on screen
Next, who has the time to read a book in the fast-paced society we have today. A book takes a lot of time to finish, depending on how long the book is, you can probably read more than 50 hours on one book and who has that much time to spend on reading, because these are 50 hours you could spend doing other activities. You could spend 50 hours practicing a sport could watch 50 hours of Netflix, you could have 50 hours of more sleep.Regardless of the activity, you could have it 50 hours more of it. Also if you’re really interested in the story you could buy it on amazon or look for it on Netflix, because most of the famous books and bestsellers were made into movies
In the end everybody has something else to do than reading. If you want entertainment, you watch a good Netflix series or you watch a good movie or you just watch some youtube videos. It’s faster and easier for everybody. But what just the ones know who read books. Book stories are way better. Better character development, better story development and mostly also content which is not even mentioned in the movies, if the book even exists as a movie, and there is the next point, there is a nearly infinite variety of books and stories where everybody should find his or her favourite.