Staff Advice to Seniors


Kyra Parker

Mr. Sole

Senior year might be the most important year of your high school career. You’re looking for colleges, trying to enjoy the year and most importantly, planning for your future. Being a senior can be difficult, you’ve got decisions that can affect what you do for the rest of your life, and so advice from adults that have been in the same position you have and have done the same things, might help you. So the staff at St. Marys High School has some advice to share with the seniors.
“Work hard, go forth and be happy.”- Mrs. Johnson (math)
“Have a calendar, keep track of dates, whether it be homework or scholarships.” Mrs. Rinard
“Stay on top of work and enjoy your final year.” Mrs. VanZile
“Avoid all drama, enjoy senior year and make sure you graduate.”- Mrs. Tice
“Make good decisions, choose a job that makes you happy, be kind and enjoy life.”- Mrs. Mayfield
“Don’t get senioritis, make wise choices and always be kind to others, because the last thing you do is what will be remembered.”- Mrs. Taylor (science)
“Life is quickly approaching, make sure to enjoy senior year, have fun and be a positive member of society.” Mr. Sole
“Follow your passions, be creative, always remember to find laughter and be kind to everyone.” Mrs. Helgren