Too Old for Halloween?

As young, growing people we find out a new thing or pick up a new habit daily, but why did we grow out of Halloween? We may not be able to walk door to door asking for candy but there’s
more to the holiday than meets the eye. Halloween is a spooky time to celebrate one another, kind of like the Fourth of July but with a different vibe to it. There’s so much to do for Halloween that doesn’t involve Trick or Treating, a few ideas are dressing up a younger sibling, decorating the house, or even taking somebody younger Trick or Treating.
Make up your own ideas even. Some years feel like Halloween isn’t even a holiday, and that’s sad. We live in a country where the majority of humans are older, but that doesn’t mean to toss the holiday out the window. Be your own person, don’t let the pressure of society get to you. We need more holidays to celebrate one another, not less.
Not only is our generation guilty for not wanting to celebrate the holiday, but the older generations are guilty also. Push your older kid to take his little brother trick or treating, decorate the lawn, or take your children out to celebrate the holiday. Don’t let Halloween die out. Once Halloween dies out, then we’ll have to wait months in between holidays to actually celebrate one another. Take your time to celebrate the “spooky season”