The Heart of the Sport: How to Bring Positivity to Coaching


Dorlinda Steele

The football team comes onto the field at the Ritchie County game.

Having a good coach, who cares about the team, is vital in order to achieve success. There are many factors that go into coaching and many desired traits that a coach must have. Radiating positivity to your team is the most vital trait a coach must have in order to be successful. Below, you will find just a few ways a coach can radiate positivity to his/her team.

Teaching Resilience : It is a coach’s job to push their athletes out of their comfort zone, whether it be mentally or physically. By teaching your athletes resilience, and giving them constructive criticism, they are able to improve their abilities to bounce back from a tough loss, whether it be in a game or not.
Encourage Empathy : Empathy is defined as the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame or reference. By encouraging empathy throughout your team, your athletes will learn how to be compassionate and kind, both are necessary traits for a model athlete. It is important for athletes to be empathetic towards their teammates feelings and patient with one anothers’ skills as an athlete.
Advocate Self-Awareness: Being self-aware is the ability to concentrate on yourself in a non-selfish way, and can help you better evaluate yourself and be able to control your emotions better. Using advocation of self-awareness as a coaching technique could help your athletes reflect on their performance in a game, and potentially become more optimistic about their strengths and weaknesses in their sport.