Gaming Trends: Is Gaming Addictive?

Gaming, a lot of young people do it on a daily basis. But can you really get addicted to gaming? The answer is yes, of course, just like you can get addicted to everything else.
But why is gaming so addictive and how do you tell if you have a gaming addiction or if you’re just playing some games?
I think the reason why most people get addicted is because it’s fun or you want to reach something new, like a new character, player or a new item. For some people gaining rewards online is prioritized more than gaining rewards in real life. So they start playing more and more and forget about their real life responsibilities.
Another reason how especially MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games) can get addictive is when they lose their self in their self made characters. Sure it is cool to build your character from the beginning, to build the character into whatever you want and to give him the abilities you want him to have. But when your whole life is ruled by your online character, this could be a problem. So here are some questions to help you see if you are addicted.
Do you think about gaming even when you have other responsibilities?
Withdrawal symptoms, if you are not able to play anymore you feel upset or depressed?
Do you want to play more and more every day?
Have you ever tried to quit gaming but failed?
Do you quit other activities that you did before?
Have you ever lied to family members, friends or other trustworthy people about your amount of gaming?
Do you try to escape reality by playing video games?
Have you lost important relationships, like your girlfriend/boyfriend, your job or dropped out of school?
Do you spend more and more money on gaming especially on InApp purchases?
These are just some signs. If you just have one or two of them, you are not addicted to gaming, but if five or six, or even more apply to you, you should think about your gaming behavior.