Why Schools Should Teach Students Life Skills

In today’s schools, gone are the days of Home Economics. Schools teach valuable skills today to prepare you to further your education\; whether in college or at a trade school. Our school and many others across the country have started to integrate early college classes for their students, which can help kids who plan to go to college to get ahead. However, they’re seriously lacking on preparing students for real life, and to live on their own. Simply teaching kids housekeeping skills, cooking, sewing, home repairs and time / money management skills, would help tremendously.

Today’s generation is probably the most prepared one when it comes to having the knowledge to further their education. Unfortunately, they’re probably also the least prepared to live on their own and potentially run a household of their own one day. Some kids are taught these skills at home, and are on their way to being ready to move out and live a successful life. However, not all kids are this fortunate. Kids spend almost every day of the week in school, so it would just make sense to have them be taught these skills while they’re there. After all, schools used to do this\; why do away with it now? I understand that money could be an issue, but I’m sure with some budgeting, these programs could be brought back to our school.

It seems like in today’s world, kids are way more coddled than earlier generations. The number of people living with their parents at an age they should be on their own by now, is continuously rising. I believe that bringing these types of classes back could help this issue. Of course, this is a two way street; parents need to help too. Parents need to push their children to better themselves, and prepare themselves for “the real world,” as they say. I believe that if parents and schools work together with their kids, they could help them to be prepared for their lives after school.