How Students Deal with Peer Pressure

Students deal with peer pressure from their friends, teachers and other students everyday. Peer pressure is that feeling that you have to do something to fit in or be accepted and can be tough to deal with. Peer pressure can come in many different ways. Peer pressure could be your friends telling you to do something or friends joking about how you’re not doing something they are doing. It could be good peer pressure or bad.
Some good ways of peer pressure are your friends trying to get you to study more because you aren’t doing well in a class. It can also cause you to do things you may not be sure about, or even things that you don’t really think are right for you or want to do. People deal with peer pressure in many different ways. The one way you can deal with peer pressure is to always say no if your friends are trying to pressure you to do something you don’t want too. Some other things you can do is spend time with people who respect you, tell someone that you are feeling pressured to do something and avoid people who are trying to get you to do things you aren’t supposed too.