Unusual Pets

Unusual Pets
Pets bring joy to people’s lives\; a dog is mans best friend, old ladies love their cats, but a tarantula is just strange and dangerous. Some animals are considered bad pets and at the end of the article you can place your vote for most unusual pet.

1.Hissing cockroach

These mega cockroaches reach 2 to 3 inches long when fully grown. They live in a warm climate and cannot function in the cold. These animals are huge cockroaches that should fuel peoples nightmares not be kept as loved pets.

2. Burmese Python

These snakes grow up to be 17 feet in length and can consume your face so keep that in mind. Also these animals are an invasive species that have already become a problem in Florida. If you do decide to keep one as a pet keep away from small children and don’t abandon them in our neighborhood.

3. The Skunk

A walking stink bomb with hair. A loving cuddle with this animal will land you a seat by yourself real quick. This animal can be identified by its intense odor and its white stripes going down its back. If you do decide to keep this pet be ready to invest in a ton of canned tomato soup.


A bee, a crab, and a spider had a baby and it was this terrifying creature. An eight legged creature with crab pinchers and a huge stinger that can put a 300lb man in the hospital. Keeping this animal as a pet should be a sign of complete CRAZINESS!

5.The Bearded dragon
The intimidating name lands this pet on the list. These lizards are cool to look at but aren’t the best to go play catch with. They aren’t harmless either a bite from this animal will definitely leave you with a bloody finger.