“Toy Story 4” Review


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The poster for the movie Toy Story 4

Over the summer, I went to watch “Toy Story 4” in theaters. This article is obviously going to contain spoilers, so read at your own risk! Ill do a quick summary of the movie before getting into my review. The fourth installment of the Toy Story series takes Buzz Lightyear and Woody on an adventure on the road with their child, Bonnie. Before starting the road trip however, Bonnie goes to her Kindergarten orientation. Nervous that she will be scared on her first day, Woody sneaks into her backpack. At school, Bonnie creates a new friend named Forky, out of craft supplies. Woody soon realizes that Forky is just the friend Bonnie is going to need to have to have a successful school year. Thus, he devotes the rest of his time in the movie to keep track of Forky, and help him realize how important he is to Bonnie. However, Forky makes this very difficult for Woody. Throughout the movie, Forky repeatedly calls himself trash, and tries to run away, or even throw himself away. Woody meets up with an old friend, Bo Peep, who tries to persuade him to come join the life of a lost toy. In the end, Woody and the rest of the gang meet up at the carnival grounds in a very rushed attempt to get Woody back before Bonnie and her parents head back home. Woody decides he doesn’t want to lose Bo again, and that it is time to let go of having a child to keep happy. He decides its time for a change in pace, time to go on more adventures with Bo. As for the rest of the gang, along with a few friends they made on the way, decide to head home with their child, Bonnie.

As for my review, overall I liked this movie. The “Toy Story” franchise has always been one of my favorites my whole life, and I was excited and nervous at the same time to see how they would continue it with a new kid in the equation. It was nostalgic to be able to go and see a Toy Story movie in theaters, since my last one was when I was a kid. I loved the addition of Forky, and I also loved how adventurous and rugged they made Bo in this movie. The ending was the part I’m torn on however. On one hand I saw it coming, Woody leaving the rest of the gang, staying to have adventures with Bo. I think it could be a nice change in the franchise, if they decide to make a fifth installment. However, I think I will personally miss the whole gang being together. The kid inside me doesn’t know how to feel about this change. I recommend this movie to anyone. Kids especially, but hey, I wasn’t nearly the oldest person in that theater. Also, this generation did grow up with these movies after all. Lastly, I will say that I rate this movie five starts out of five stars; for the nostalgia, and the amazing graphics compared to the first “Toy Story” movie.